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The National Debate Forum (NDF) is the premier institute for Lincoln-Douglas Debate and Public Forum Debate. Founded in 1995, we have over a decade and a half of experience in providing quality instruction to students motivated to excel in debate competitions locally, regionally, and nationally. NDF has a diverse staff to assist students of all backgrounds to be competitively successful, regardless of the region a debater is from, or the style of debate they employ. What’s more, the staff is balanced with recent graduates who were nationally successful and seasoned coaches who have a proven track record of competitive and educational excellence. Central to the NDF experience is individualized instruction, which is possible because of limited enrollment and a low faculty-to-student ratio.


The first InterProd has held in the summer of 2004 at a small private boarding school in Massachusetts. Our first summer hosted 12 students in an old mansion (that had no air conditioning) converted into a dormitory. That year, along with the following marked the birth of something special; an intimate, boutique style institute that catered to students of interpretation. Since then we have grown into a multi-level institute that operates in Boston, MA! Our location at Emerson College in Boston offers a downtown location, state of the art facilities, Boston Commons and Gardens, and the rich history that Boston offers. Interprod hosts a cross-section of talent from around the country. Some of the best competitors from across the country attend our institute every year. The InterProd philosophy intertwines performance theories with the interpretive style. We combined a multi level curriculum with truly a unique approach. We put an emphasis on the entire production, not just singular elements. We help students empower themselves.


EXL is an two week summer extemporaneous speaking program designed to prepare extempers to take the next step in competition. Designed along the same lines as the nationally recognized NDF LD program and the Interpretive Productions program in Interp, EXL encourages new ideas and approaches in a small, intense setting. EXL teaches you how to form your own opinions about today’s news — and tomorrow’s. EXL builds your own analytic toolbox. Our curriculum is based on principles: we teach economics, international relations, political theory, current trends in opinion tracking, comparative study of governments, and political philosophy. We then show you how to use this material to understand the world. You’ll learn how to make new ideas based on old ones, and to introduce them with clarity and precision into your speaking. We don’t teach you how to read articles in Foreign Affairs and the Economist. We teach how to write them. EXL makes you, not your files, your most important analytic tool. Most extempers spend half their prep time figuring out their answer to the question; our extempers know how to answer their question before they even choose it from the draw table.









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We have two great summer sessions for 2017!  

Join us in Boston July 9-23, 2017 or in Des Moines July 28-August 6, 2017!  

Summit Debate was founded in 1995 by Jenny Cook, Executive Director. The name Summit Debate was influenced by a historic road, Summit Avenue, known for showcasing some of the grandest homes in the Twin Cities area. Summit Avenue was just a short walk from where Cook lived and in her mind the name Summit captured the image of “making it to the top”. Thus the logo “Reach for the Summit”. The first institute opened in the summer of 1997, with the National Debate Forum (NDF) in Lincoln-Douglas Debate and Public Forum Debate. Then, in 2004, a “salon style” program in Interp events, Interpretive Productions (InterProd), was founded by David Kraft and the Extemp Lab (EXL) were founded in 2007.

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